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We've likely done work for a friend, relative or neighbor of yours. These are a few of our customer testimonials that we like to share as well as a list of counties we work in. If you'd like to browse all of our testimonials, please select the county in which you'd like to view the testimonial from.

 "We recently had tested for radon and the levels were at 34 pCi/L. I had called around to different places and they told me that they were not licensed but might have an idea how to help. With the levels being as high as they were, I needed to know that I could count on and trust that the person installing this system would get these levels down. I found Andy with Radon Solutions on the Internet. I had read that Andy was licensed and the MN Department of Health recommended him. I had called Andy and he was very kind and knowledgeable to talk to. Andy installed our system and did a very professional job. Andy taught me so much about radon and how the system works. At the end of the day I was so amazed the job they had done. Our levels are down to a .3 pCi/L. Thanks Andy! I am so glad we waited to have you install our system."


- Wendy Love, Hanska, MN
Levels lowered from 34 pCi/L to .3 pCi/L

 "Imagine our horror when our home radon test kit results came back at 32, when anything over 4 is UNSAFE!! I "googled" radon, got some info and found several companies. As I researched I looked at the testimonials of people (some of whom I knew) who had used Radon Solutions and that is what directed me to Andy and his team of experts. Andy came to our home, scoped it out and made a plan. We were involved in the plan throughout the whole process. We set up an install date and Radon Solutions was right on time! In one day, our radon levels went from 32 to 0.3. Yes! 32 to 0.3 Awesome!! So to anyone who is hesitant - Do it! Come to my house and see what a great job they did!"


- Julie & Cliff Meyer, Wells, MN
Levels lowered from 32 pCi/L to .3 pCi/L

"Andy is one the of nicest, most professional, courteous persons I've ever met. His expertise, knowledge and experience are hard to come by. His work is excellent. He accommodated me at a difficult time and left me with a peace of mind."

- Donna Pierce, Mankato, MN
Levels lowered from 12 pCi/L to 1 pCi/L

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